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Pulp Stitchin Name Necklace

Hello! I've taken the leap and joined the world of blogging, it's only been on my to do list since June. So, October here I am probably talking to myself for a few months but talking none the less.

I'm Kayley, the owner of the small indie biz Pulp Stitchin' based in Aberdeen, Scotland. I'm a scientist by day and embroider at any other given moment of the day while usually working my way through box sets. Box set of the moment is Below Deck on Amazon Prime, the programme has unearthed a yachty dream I never knew was within me!

Recently I've decided to fully embrace the creative lifestyle and have thrown myself into lots of activities with a few amazing online communities. Community over competition is what it's all about! So i'll be using this space to document what I've been up to as well as tips, tricks and behind the scenes info about Pulp Stitchin'.

Give me a shout if you have any suggestions, comments or questions, I love a chat! You can pop me an email or find me on Facebook and Instagram.


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